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APM-1 High Steer D44 Knuckles 

APM flat top knuckles raise the steering arms 1/2 in. over stock knuckles for better tie-rod clearance and feature stops front and rear to help save your u-joints.

High steering is not right for all applications. Here are some things to consider:

  • May require welding and/or fabrication and should be installed by a qualified person
  • Amount of Lift
  • Steering box location
  • Pitman arm location
  • Frame and cross members, sway-bar, trac-bar, shock mount interference
  • Suspension travel
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Questions submitted to our Website

Q:  I recently had a 1979 ford F250 axle modified to use in my 2005 Jeep TJ. 1979 Ford F150 outers were used and a 3 inch high block was placed on the passenger side knuckle to mount the drag link to a high steer arm. I fear that the F150 knuckle is not strong enough to handle this. I would like to get your input on this. Thank you.

A:  Knuckles usually break because of u-joint failure. If the arm and knuckle are machined correctly, and you use studs and GM style drag link tapered cones in the arm there shouldn't be a problem. Never use bolts! If you think it's a problem use a ram on the connecting tie rod.


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